Focus on the employees

My focus is on the people in your company, because recruiting qualified employees and retaining them over the long term is so extremely important today. The potential and skills of existing employees are sometimes not fully exploited. As a suitably qualified and experienced interim manager, I can support you in leveraging this sometimes enormous potential.

Employees who are able to fully develop and use their potential are highly motivated and feel connected to the company. i.e. R. very connected. Of course, the overall picture has to fit the people. Employees and managers who are employed, promoted and remunerated according to their skills are highly motivated and identify with your company. To ensure this, I contribute my emotional standing and my social skills, rounded off by natural leadership.

The sustainable alignment and continuous adjustment of structures (employees and their organization), processes (how do employees work) and supporting systems to the constantly changing markets and parameters are not only essential for achieving corporate goals, but also for satisfied employees . More on this in the next section Management.

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