Agile and sustainable management

Achieving corporate goals with the available resources is the central challenge or task in times of pandemic, Ukraine war and energy shortages accompanied by climate change. What used to be the central task of every manager can now only be achieved through team effort. So it often comes down to orchestration – and that’s exactly where I can provide excellent support.

Together we will further develop your sustainability strategy and I will support your sustainability management. Of course, it is also about environmental awareness, but above all about resource management and thus about the structures, processes and systems in the company. The sustainable alignment and continuous adjustment of the structures, processes and systems to the constantly changing markets and parameters are my priority.

My assignments focus on the agile planning, use and handling of resources to achieve corporate goals. For me, resource management does not primarily mean reducing costs, but rather answering the question of how I can achieve or exceed the company’s goals in the long term. The know-how transfer for the successful management of this transformation is my specialty.

Agile management is of particular importance today and communication plays a decisive role in its implementation – both internally and externally. More on this in the next section Methods.

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