Corporate and strategy development

Corporate and strategy development

Corporate development is always an overarching goal or a sub-goal in my projects, but sometimes also a core task, e.g. B. when opening up new markets, when launching new, innovative products or developing a new (partial) strategy. If the core task is aimed at growth, it can be e.g. a new or expanded business model.

I make a distinction between corporate development and business development. For me, corporate development has more of a strategic, overarching approach. This can involve, for example, the introduction of new management methods (agile, resource-oriented, etc.) or the introduction of new production methods. For me, business development is about sales-related topics. More on this on the Business Development page.

I am happy to support you with strategy development or revision. In most cases, my customers have long since developed or adapted their strategy, which is why projects are created for the implementation of which interim managers like me are hired. Occasionally I see gaps in strategy transparency in companies and organizations. More on this on the Communication page.

In the context of my projects, however, it can also – e.g. through (process) innovations or through new or adapted business models – it may be necessary to revise the current strategy or to develop a new one. For this I have mastered the methods of Michael Porter (industry structure analysis), Kaplan/Norton (vision, mission, strategy) and of course those of my MBA “father” Gary Hamel (resource-oriented approach). But I also master the STEP analysis (also called PEST analysis), the SWOT analysis and also the Blue Ocean method. But a mixture of methods can also prove to be the right tool for strategy development.

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