Communication is the biggest challenge in our everyday life. Type, rhythm, content and recipients need to be carefully considered. In many cases, legal requirements, data protection and compliance rules play an important role. For me, communication is an art and “Art comes from ability”.

In all my areas of competence and projects, communication determines the path to mutual success, especially when it comes to mergers & acquisitions projects or restructuring. This is where confidentiality and a particularly balanced group of recipients come into play.

When it comes to strategy and corporate goals, the right communication is particularly important. I have seen in some companies that not all employees know the strategy and corporate goals. At the really big companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft, the strategy hangs on almost every wall. After all, how should the employees ensure the implementation of the strategy and corporate goals if they do not know them?

I’m not a communications consultant, but I pay close attention to how communication works in my projects, and many clients really appreciate that. My core topics “Sustainable Transformation” and “Achieving corporate goals with existing resources” cannot be implemented without the right communication.

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