ISO certification according to 9.001, 14.001 and 27.001 and more

Certification according to certain ISO standards is often expected or required by suppliers today. Without certification, maintaining the business relationship with certain customers is no longer possible.

The ISO 9.001 (standard for quality management systems and a continuous improvement process) became the standard for many companies in the 90s and can no longer be avoided today.

ISO 14.001 certification (international environmental management standard) is of particular importance today with pandemics, wars, energy shortages and climate change all having a major impact on our businesses.

The ISO 27.001 (management system for information security), increasingly coupled with the requirement to be certified according to 27.017 (security standards for cloud service providers and their users) and 27.018 (data protection for data storage in the cloud), has a non in the age of digitization more indispensable meaning.

Certifications are no longer an image issue, but increasingly also business-critical. My partnership, the Connion LLC, has the appropriate experts and strong, renowned partners for certification.

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